DRUUMM Working Values (adopted 2016)

As part of DRUUMM’s renewal, the Steering Committee spent time in deep reflection and prayer on our core working values.  What follows is our effort to further the mission of DRUUMM, center our ministry and articulate our culture that we seek to foster within Unitarian Universalism, the UUA and the wider world. 

Sacred: This is sacred work that shapes our UU faith and is part of a larger sacred vision that has theological depth and makes room for spirit.

Healing from Oppression: In recognizing our systematic oppression and woundedness, we work towards personal and social transformation by providing sacred space to heal from internalized racism and other oppressions. By honoring the suffering, grieving and letting go, we engage in emotional release and catharsis. Seeking self-care, a safe and supportive community, and allies, we work towards collective liberation and healing.

Consciousness of History: By keeping the written and oral histories of People of Color within UUism we are making sure that history can be accessible and helpful to new and old members. Recognizing our place in the larger stream of history and our role as history makers, we develop individual and collective investment in our storytelling. We thank and honor our elders and ancestors, passing on our legacy and lessons to future generations.

Intersectional Analysis: DRUUMM understands that a primary reason that we are subjugated and movements for universal liberation are defeated is because we are systemically divided and made to compete against one another in our efforts. We commit, then, to showing up against all forms of oppression as we would those forms that directly impact our own individual lives. 

Accountability: In alignment with our mission, members and movement, grounded in authentic relationships, we are committed to transparency and respecting our agreements.

Leadership Development: One of the primary duties of DRUUMM is to actively seek and identify potential leaders of varying skills, strengths, and interests; and to nurture their capacity for enacting DRUUMM’s mission and goals through mentoring, training and facilitating connections.

Sustainability: Creating the capacity, structures, and resources to be responsive to ever-changing times. Some areas of focus are:

  •   Administration
  •   Fundraising
  •   Leadership Development
  •   Communications
  •   Membership
  •   Achievable Vision and Goals