In 1997, racially diverse people of color working as religious professionals in Unitarian Universalism (ministers, religious educators, seminarians, staff of the UUA and affiliate organizations) created DRUUMM to support and advocate for one another, their colleagues and their ministries.

In 1999, DRUUMM membership broadened to include all UU’s who identify as people of color, creating a forum for exploring diverse religious communities and building relationships with one another.  The vision of DRUUMM expanded through the participation of all ages, including those active in the Journey Towards Wholeness anti-racism/anti-oppression/multiculturalism movement.

Today, DRUUMM includes religious professionals, adults, youth, children, joined together to affirm, celebrate and strengthen the racially diverse communities within Unitarian Universalism.  In 2005, anti-racist white allies founded Allies for Racial Equity (ARE) as a partner with DRUUMM.  Together, DRUUMM and ARE work for an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.  You can obtain more information about ARE

While people of color are inspired by the liberating messages of Unitarian Universalism, congregational life often does not reflect diverse worldviews or cultural practices.  Often congregations are not committed to the justice struggles of communities of color.  This can leave people of color feeling invisible and isolated.  For many members, participating in DRUUMM enhances their congregational experience and empower them to work for racial justice and cultural inclusion in their home church.  For others, DRUUMM may be their primary place of Unitarian Universalist religious expression.