Spiritual Odyssey with Rev. Dr. Michelle Bentley

//Spiritual Odyssey with Rev. Dr. Michelle Bentley
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Spiritual Odyssey with Michelle Bentley
Public Premiere

Thursday, October 14th, 2021
8:00 PM Eastern / 5:00 PM Pacific
Facebook Live and Zoom

Join us for the public premiere of The Spiritual Odyssey of Rev. Dr. Michelle Bentley. Appreciations to the Sankofa Special Archive at Meadville Lombard Theological School, First Unitarian Chicago, Third Unitarian Church of Chicago and the UUA Multicultural Ministries for their support of this program.

We believe in the power of sharing, passing down wisdom, and connecting our generations. This program uplifts our value of history:

Consciousness of History: By keeping the written and oral histories of People of Color within UUism we are making sure that history can be accessible and helpful to new and old members. Recognizing our place in the larger stream of history and our role as history makers, we develop individual and collective investment in our storytelling. We thank and honor our elders and ancestors, passing on our legacy and lessons to future generations. – DRUUMM Values

We are a community rich with stories of awe and stories of struggle. Experiences that have shaped and sharpened our beliefs and how we live in the world. In building on our values, including our value of being conscious of history, we are offering a new series of member events featuring an elder in our community who has graciously agreed to share their journey of faith as a Black, Indigenous and/or Person of Color in Unitarian Universalism.