Remembering Our Divine Self

//Remembering Our Divine Self
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Join us for this BIPOC-only wellness workshop series, free for DRUUMM members and $25 for non-member friends. Scholarships are available for Religious Professionals of Color, please contact Rev. Michael Crumpler

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This is a two-part workshop series:
Monday, October 4th 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern (5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Pacific) and
Monday, October 18th 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern (5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Pacific)

About Remembering Our Divine Self
Every day our bodies are giving us signals for areas that are asking for more attention. Through the use of embodiment practices such as body scan, guided visualization, and breathwork, facilitator and healer Noilyn Mendoza will re-connect us to our full bodies through conversations with our parts. Together, we will listen to and harness our innate body wisdom. A lot of our inner conflict or suffering comes from our parts not being heard or listened to. And what happens when that happens? They have to get louder, and sometimes that manifests as a feeling, or behavior, or even a physical symptom that will get so loud because it hasn’t been paid attention to. It hasn’t been given a voice. The more we ignore these unheard parts of us – the more amplified its pleas become. And eventually, it can even manifest physically or emotionally as an ailment or an injury, so that we have to listen to that accumulated, yet unanswered need.

Yet all of us have a known yet rarely tapped intelligence within us – our innate wisdom or intuition. Our trust in what we already know to be true. We have been taught not to trust this wisdom, outsource our intuition, and doubt our own. But the truth is that you are your own best expert. You carry with you the DNA, imprint of generations before you of pathfinders and way seekers. You are the authority of what your body, heart, and soul needs to realign, find joy, and heal.

About Noilyn
Noilyn Mendoza is a Soul Purpose Coach, Pranic Healer, Group Facilitator, and Mama. She works with BIPOC changemakers who feel like they have abandoned their dreams and helps them shift from fear into action so they can live the life they are meant to be living. Noilyn knows firsthand how depletion and disconnection happen as a cost to constantly putting others’ needs and wants before your own, feeling stuck from the weight of obligation and regrets, and letting fear and scarcity hold you back. After 18 years in the public sector field advocating for healthcare access for Asian Americans and immigrant communities in NYC. Noilyn now provides offerings for individuals to ignite and realign with their soul’s calling, stop hiding their gifts and talents, and birth a new season of fullest creative expression, clarity, and possibility. When not uplifting powerful creators to open up to their unlimited potential and fully step into their greatness, she can be found having a dance-off with her kids, developing a green thumb, or rummaging flea markets with her spouse for their next vintage score. She and her family currently live in sunny Southern California and will cherish NYC forever in their hearts.

Thanks to the UUA Multicultural Ministries for co-sponsoring this workshop.