24 June 2000

Article I: Name

Section 1. Name
The name of this organization is Diverse & Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM). DRUUMM grew out of a predecessor organization known as Unitarian Universalist Religious Professionals of Color (UURPOC) which no longer exists.

Article II: Mission

Section 1. Mission

As People of Color* mobilized in an anti-racist collective, we unite to:

Work for self-determination, justice and equal opportunity,
Empower our various ministries,
Celebrate our diverse heritages,
Overcome racism through resistance,
Transform and enrich Unitarian Universalism through our multicultural experiences.

* The United States is a race based society made up of a dominant White group and several other racially defined groups which have been and continue to be oppressed in specific ways. While race is a social construct created by the dominant White group to oppress and exclude the other groups from the power and resources of the society, race has also been used by oppressed peoples to build group solidarity and a culture of survival and resistance.

Racism has also created barriers which separate oppressed groups from one another. While each oppressed group is affected by racism differently and each group maintains its own unique identity and culture, there is also the recognition that racism has the potential to unite oppressed people in a collective of resistance. For this reason, many individuals who identify as members of racially oppressed groups, also claim the political identity of being People of Color. This in no way diminishes their specific cultural or racial identity, rather it is an affirmation of the multiple layers of identity of every individual.

Section II. Racial Justice Covenant: Resistance and Harmony

Our unique identity within Unitarian Universalism as a diverse, anti-racist People of Color community, carries with it both responsibilities and opportunities. Therefore, we covenant with one another to:

Change the racial status quo in the Unitarian Universalist Association,
Develop tools and strategies to work together,
Remain together and present with one another through disagreement and conflict,
Connect to this organization and one another throughout our professional and personal affiliations with the UUA,
Provide vision and leadership for the Journey Toward Wholeness,
Hold one another accountable in our efforts to become an anti-oppressive faith community.

Section III. Personal Support

The organization will from time to time set forth specific goals and develop programs to support, nurture and advocate for individual members and for the community as a whole. We will pay particular attention to serving the needs of youth, young adults and families in our community as these groups are especially under-represented in current UUA services and programming.

Section IV. Professional Support

Recognizing the particular challenges ministers, religious educators and other professional staff face working in the UUA, its congregations as well as affiliate, associate and other organizations, DRUUMM will from time to time set forth specific goals and create programs to support the work and personal lives of its professional members.

Article III: Membership

Section 1. Membership

Membership in the organization is open to persons who are Unitarian Universalist members and friends, persons working for the UUA, its congregations, and affiliate, associate and other organizations, and persons training for ministry, religious education or other professional capacities who:

Self-identify and live as Persons of Color
Make an annual recorded financial contribution
Support the mission of the organization

Article IV: Meetings

Section 1. Meetings

DRUUMM shall meet once each year for a General Business Meeting. This meeting will be held during the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association. The president will convene and moderate this meeting. Prior to the meeting, the Steering Committee will send out a written agenda for the meeting as well as the organization’s annual report.

Additional public and private gatherings may also be held during General Assembly, but these will not constitute a “business meeting.” These events will include the full spectrum of People of Color, with specific emphasis on bringing together youth, young adults and professionals.

Regional meetings will be encouraged and supported by the organization. These meetings will be for the personal and professional support of DRUUMM members as well as to nurture, educate and celebrate the community. These gatherings are intended to meet a broad range of needs, but are not intended to be business meetings.

The Steering Committee and Executive Committee will meet in person or by conference call as the leadership deems necessary in order to provide for the stewardship needs of the organization.

Section 2. Decision Making in Business Meetings

All decisions for the organization which are made at the General Business Meetings, Steering Committee meetings, and Executive Committee meetings will be made using a consensus decision making process by the members in attendance. Although we recognize this potentially could increase the amount of time needed to make decisions, we believe a consensus form is culturally more appropriate for many of us, as well as ensuring full participation of all members attending the meetings. Consensus will also help to level the influences of the various constituencies.

Article V: Officers of the Organization

Section 1. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall direct the day to day needs of the organization. There will be a four or five member Executive Committee consisting of president, first vice-president, second vice president (if needed), secretary and treasurer. In order to stand for election to the Executive Committee, members must have served one year on the Steering Committee. Executive Committee members shall serve a two year term and can be reelected for a second two year term, for a maximum tenure of four years on the Executive Committee.

Day to day activities of the Executive Committee are as follows:

Provides leadership and vision for the organization
Assists with organizing DRUUMM at Continental and Regional levels
Recruits and mentors new leadership including youth and young adults
Actively seeks and maintains multiple funding streams for the organization including grants, member donations and dues, UUA department allocations, etc.

Specific roles of Executive Committee members are as follows:


Convenes meetings of the Executive and Steering Committees and of the General membership
Represents DRUUMM at public functions as needed
Attends regional and continental DRUUMM events (as possible)
Interfaces with UUA and related groups and organizations
Works with UUA staff to develop and provide programming and services for People of Color
Coordinates the activities and responsibilities of the Executive Committee, Steering Committee and its members

1st Vice President

In the last year of the President’s term, a President-elect will be chosen. If this person is already a member of the Executive Committee, they will continue with the duties of their position and add Vice-President to their title and role. If this person is a member of the Steering Committee, they will add Vice-President to their title and role and become a member of the Executive Committee while maintaining their Steering Committee duties.
Duties include shadowing and assisting the President as necessary.

2nd Vice President

Must be a religious professional (minister, religious educator, UUA, affiliate or associate organization staff person)
Monitors issues pertaining to religious professionals
Coordinates selection of the UUMA and LREDA** representatives
Convenes the Religious Professionals Working Group which also includes:
UUMA representative
LREDA representative
UUA Staff Liaison*
1 other religious professional


Maintains the written records of the organization
Files annual affiliate renewal documents with the UUA vice-president’s office
Takes meeting notes and distributes minutes of Steering Committee Meetings (including phone conference calls) and General Membership Business Meetings
Convenes the Communications Working Group which also includes:
Communications Coordinator*
Outreach Coordinator*
UUA Liaison*
General Assembly Coordinator*
List Serve Manager
Data Base Manager


Monitors the financial health of the organization
Develops and maintains the financial records of the organization (including budgets and financial reports)
Processes income and expense requests, includiing the annual affiliate contribution to the UUA
Supervises grant income, distribution and reporting to granting agencies

Section 2. Steering Committee

Diverse representation on the Steering Committee is of the utmost importance. The Steering Committee directs specialized functions and programs of the organization. The Steering Committee is made up of nine members, four members of the Executive Committee and five others, each with a specific role and job description. Steering Committee members each serve a three year term, or go on to serve on the Executive Committee; alternatively, after serving one three year term, a member may take one year off then stand for reelection the following year.

Specific roles of Steering Committee members are as follows:

Outreach Coordinator

Assists with organizing continental and regional DRUUMM events including regional anti-racism trainings and gatherings for People of Color
Attends continental DRUUMM events
Attends regional events and/or recruits and coordinates other DRUUMM leaders to attend these events
Assists with organizing and attends continental Youth of Color Conferences
Serves on the Communications Working Group
Develops outreach materials, including brochure and other written materials

UUA Liaison

Receives and distributes correspondence
Must be a UUA staff person working at 25 Beacon Street
Collects and disseminates information from the UUA to DRUUMM members
Notifies DRUUMM members of UUA Job Opportunities
Serves on the Religious Professionals Working Group
Serves on the Communications Working Group

General Assembly Coordinator

Coordinates DRUUMM General Assembly and related events
Recruits workshop presenters
Supervises submission of workshop applications and related paperwork
Coordinates Annual Post GA event
Serves on the Communications Working Group

Communications Coordinator

Disseminates information and news about the organization to its members including publicity for upcoming events information of interest to the membership
Edits the organization newsletter
Works in partnership with webmaster, list serve manager and data base manager
Serves on the Communications Working Group

Family Network Coordinator

Supports and publicizes the Multiracial and Families of Color Network
Recruits and supports local organizers of Family Retreats
Provides technical and programmatic assistance for and attends Family retreats
Assists with organizing and attends continental Youth of Color Conferences

Section 3. Nominating Committee

The Executive Committee shall appoint one member of the Steering Committee and two other members of the organization to serve as the Nominating Committee, who will recruit a slate of candidates to fill vacant positions for election at the General Business Meeting of the membership.

Section 4. Additional Positions

The following additional positions will be appointed by the Executive Committee:


There will be two Chaplains (one male and one female) who:
Serve the spiritual, worship, and pastoral needs of the community
May be recruited to be ad hoc members of any working group at the discretion of the working group conveners.
Provide pastoral care for DRUUMM members and officers
Advise the Executive and Steering Committees
Collaborate with Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) to serve the needs of People of Color who are CLF members and discover innovative ways of serving a geographically disperse congregation

Religious Professionals Working Group Member

Serves on the Religious Professionals Working Group
Must be a religious professional (minister, religious educator, UUA, affiliate or associate organization staff person)

Anti Racism Workshop Facilitators

Develop and facilitate anti-racism programming for People of Color, including, but not limited to DRUUMM members


Maintains the DRUUMM and Family Network websites
Serves on the Communications Committee

List Serve Manager***

Maintains the DRUUMM email list serve
Serves on the Communications Committee

Data Base Manager

Maintains the DRUUMM data base and mailing list
Maintains the Families Network data base and mailing list
Provides mailing labels as needed
Collaborate with the UUA staff person who maintains the UUA POC database****
Serves on the Communications Working Group

Section 5. Other Positions

The following other positions will be appointed by the Religious Professionals Working Group:

UUMA Exec Representative

Must be a minister in good standing with the Ministerial Fellowship Committee
Must be a member of the UUMA
Selected according to Religious Professionals Working Group and UUMA procedures
Acts as liaison between the UUMA Exec and DRUUMM
Represents DRUUMM and Ministers of Color at UUMA Exec meetings
Furthers the interests and concerns of DRUUMM within the UUMA
Reports to the Religious Professionals Working Group and Executive Committee

LREDA Representative**

Must be a member in good standing of LREDA
Selected according to Religious Professionals Working Group and LREDA procedures
Acts as liaison between the LREDA and DRUUMM
Represents DRUUMM and Religious Educators of Color at LREDA Board meetings
Furthers the interests and concerns of DRUUMM within LREDA
Reports to the Religious Professionals Working Group and Executive Committee

*indicates this member of a working group is also a member of the Steering Committee
**not currently a reality
***These two positions could be held by the same person
****Optimally this position would be held by the UUA staff member who has this responsibility

Article VI: Finances

Section 1. Deposition of Funds

Any monies collected for the benefit and use of the organization shall be deposited in the organization’s account. Funds should be sent directly to the UUA Liaison or the Treasurer.

Section 2. Membership Dues

The membership shall determine membership dues based on a sliding scale of annual income. Waivers are available for members unable to pay due to financial hardship. Dues are payable at the beginning of the fiscal year which is July 1-June 30.

Section 3. Fund Raising

The Steering Committee will pursue additional means of financing the operations of the organization and include, but are not limited to: grants from the UU Funding Program and other foundations, special cultural events, sales and auctions of culturally appropriate materials, and contract services and training provided to the UUA. Article VII

Bylaw Changes

Section 1. Review of bylaws

The Steering Committee will review the bylaws every three years and propose revisions as needed. Proposed revisions are to be sent out in written form to the membership at least four months before the regular annual meeting at General Assembly for review and comment. Decisions to adopt or amend the proposed changes will be made at the annual meeting.

Section 2. Amendments

The bylaws can be amended outside the regular three year review period. Members must submitt proposed revisions in writing to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will notify the membership of the proposed amendment, in writing at least four months before the annual meeting at General Assembly. The member/s making the proposal may submit additional material explaining the need for the amendmdnt, which will be distributed to members as well. The Steering Committee may choose to distribute additional materials to members which may or may not support the proposed amendment. Decisions to adopt or change the proposed amendment will be made at the annual meeting.

Article VIII: Dissolution

Section 1. Dissolution

DRUUMM may be dissolved by the consensus of the membership. The Steering Committee will notify all members in good standing of the intention to dissolve the organization six months before what would normally be the annual general meeting at General Assembly, However, the purpose of this meeting will be to decide whether or not to dissolve the organization as well as the disposition of the assets and records.of the organization.

Section 2 Disposition of Assets

Upon dissollution of the organization, assets will be disbused as follows. Grant monies shall be return or distribjuted in accordance with the policies of the grant making body. Funds povided from UUA Departments shall be returned to those departments. Additional resources will be donated to another organization which has goals similar to DRUUMM’s goals. This organization does not need to be a UU organization, and wil be chosen by the Steering Committee after consulting with the membership.

Section 3. Disposition of Records

Disposition of DRUUMM’s records shall be determined by the Steering Committee at the time of dissolution. Efforts should be made to ensure these records will be available to future of Unitarian Universalist People of Color as appropriate.